NEW ALBUM- While We Are Alive

In the last two years, I did a lot of traveling and singing. But I stopped creating. While still grieving the loss of my dad, I was diagnosed with adult onset type 1 diabetes … and then I lost my mom. The weight of it all left me unable to concentrate for any length of time, and I wondered if I would ever write again.

Then came a song.

While on my couch with guitar and pencil in hand, I had a God-inspired moment. For a brief second, I had a revelation of where my parents stood at that moment, and Whom they were beholding. And I was flooded with joy. Aware once again of the glorious end of our story, I turned a sharp corner back to the land of the living. Out of that moment came track 10 of this new album, “Never Have to Say Goodbye.”

The songs kept coming. But unlike any other album I’ve written, this time I took each song to the studio one by one. Normally, a musician brings an album’s worth of songs into the studio. Not this time. Over the course of a year, I’d write a song, travel, come home and record it, travel, write a new song … and on it went. Producer Danny Donnelly put in long hours, stretching two days into four days’ worth of time. And now, at the end of that year, WHILE WE ARE ALIVE is ready. I am so happy with how these songs came together and can’t wait to share this, my eleventh full-length album, with you.

I realize I couldn’t do this without you. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thank you for all the support creating While We Are Alive.
Here is the video we posted on Kickstarter.